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About us

At One Church we to try to keep things very simple. That's why we have adopted LGLO (Love God, Love Others) as our Mission, Vision, and Process. We believe it is the best way to be discipled and to grow. Jesus himself says that the rest of scripture hangs on these two commandments. Get them wrong and it does not matter what else you do right. Therefore, everything we do is designed to help our people better Love God and Love Others. 

We aim to accomplish our LGLO Mission by walking people through four basic phases of Christianity which are:

  1. Learn - the basic truths found in the Word of God.

  2. Respond - to who God is and who He is calling you to be.

  3. Connect - to the church with other believers who can lift you up and encourage you.

  4. Serve - find a place where you can use your skills and gifts to serve others.

If you would like to know more about what we believe, check out of Statement of Faith by clicking the button below!

Our Leadership:

The major day-to-day decisions of OneChurch are handled by a group of people called the Executive Team. This team is made up of both Staff and Non-Staff members. In addition to providing oversight for the church, this team also presents a budget to be voted on by the church and ensures that the church is operating within the confines of that budget. The staff members on this team are appointed by the Lead Pastor; the non-staff members are presented, and voted on, by the Church Body. The non-staff members serve a four-year term. You can reach the Executive Team by email at: That email account is managed by a non-staff member of the team. The current Executive team is made up of the following members:

Staff members:
DSC_5010 (1).jpg
Dave Atherton
Katelyn Gooch
Matt Atherton
Cale Magruder

Lead Pastor

Kids and Family Director

Worship & Executive Pastor

Outreach & Discipleship Pastor

To schedule a meeting with Pastor Dave during the week, click below.

Non-Staff members:
Adri Gresham
Tom Ward
Amanda Mckimson
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